Occupational Saftey and Health

KMJ utilizes a wide range of resources to create a comprehensive Occupational Safety and Health program for an organization. The objective is to comply with all relevant legal requirements for a safe workplace while also promoting the health and overall well-being of employees.

This includes:

  • Wellness programs which encourage employees to have a healthy diet, physical fitness plan and a positive mental approach to their well being. These impact productivity, attendance and medical costs.
  • Employee Assistance programs which provide ways for employees to anonymously access services to address personal and family issues/problems which may impact performance at work.
  • OSHA compliance, a requirement of all employers, regardless of the nature of the business. Employees must recognize the specific OSHA standards with which they must comply.
  • Workers compensation, a potentially high cost of doing business. Premiums can be managed by developing an overall plan of action which includes training, effective interaction with a Workers Compensation carrier, and good communications between the organization and employees.